Designed Screen-Outs Offer Operators A Tool For More Productive Wells

As part of his role at the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council, Midcontinent Regional Lead, Jeremy Viscomi contributes his monthly TECHCONNECTIONS column to the American Oil and Gas Reporter

Recently, I came across an article in the Hydraulic Fracturing Journal that highlighted why, in certain cases, a screen-out is not necessarily a bad thing. The article, by BP’s Prue Smith, explains that during conventional hydraulic fracturing operations, the term “screen-out” can carry a very negative connotation associated with additional cost, complexity and time. However, during “frac pack” operations, two screen-out events not only are planned for, but constitute integral parts of a successful outcome. A tip screenout (TSO) is designed to increase the average fracture conductivity, and a wellbore screen-out during the packing phase of operations is designed to ensure the pack’s quality. READ THE REST HERE

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